Forget the traditional hot, bitter bowl of green tea- this smooth and refreshing drink will have you hooked!

Welcome matcha fanatics and newbies alike! Are you ready to uplevel your summer refreshment game? It's time to cool off in the heatwave with a freshly brewed glass of deliciousness – cold brew matcha. This unique take on traditional green tea is made from finely ground leaves, it comes with an array of health benefits, plus it has loads of flavor. Sure, you can sip on hot matcha when temperatures drop (it’s amazing!). But why not try something different before the first signs of autumn start rolling in? Let us show you why classic green tea will never be the same once you give cold brew matcha a go!

Why drinking matcha?

If you are looking for a delicious beverage with amazing health benefits, then matcha is the answer. Matcha is a green tea made from ground-up tea leaves, giving it a higher concentration of nutrients than other types of tea. It contains high levels of polyphenols, antioxidants that can help fight against cell damage and reduce inflammation. Matcha also contains compounds like theanine and caffeine which can promote alertness and mental clarity. Additionally, research suggests that drinking matcha may even help boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.

Cold brew matcha vs Matcha green tea

While matcha is typically brewed as a tea, cold brew matcha offers an alternative way to enjoy the many health benefits of green tea. Like cold brew coffee, cold brew matcha is made with cold water, but cold matcha tea is made by infusing ground-up matcha leaves in cold or room temperature water, giving it a smooth and creamy texture. Unlike hot-brewed matcha which can be bitter or have an astringent taste, iced matcha green tea has a mild flavor that is more refreshing and easy to drink. Additionally, cold brew matcha retains higher levels of its antioxidants than other forms of brewing. Both matcha tea and cold brew matcha offer delicious and healthy ways to enjoy the beverage.

How to make delicious cold brew matcha tea

Making delicious cold brew matcha tea is easy and requires just a few simple ingredients. 

What you will need for one serve


  • Your favorite sweetener (sugar, honey or sugar substitute).
  • Milk or almond milk. 
  • Coconut water.
  • Mixer thermal container.

Now that you’ve got everything you need, let’s start!

1. Mix the main ingredients

Begin by adding one teaspoon of our high-quality matcha green tea powder to ¾  cup of cold water or coconut water.

2. Get it fully dissolved

Use a traditional bamboo whisk , or even a fork, to mix the matcha until it is fully dissolved. You can also use a mixer thermal container to shake the matcha and dissolve it into water. 

3. Add your touch of flavor

Once incorporated, add the sweetener of your preference and milk if desired, such as honey, or almond milk. 

Stir until everything is fully combined! 

4. Get it colder

Now that everything is fully combined add ½ of iced cubes!

With this recipe, you can make your own and drink cold brew matcha anytime.

The best way to make matcha

Many people believe that cold brewing matcha is better than hot-brewed matcha tea due to its smoother, creamier taste and higher levels of antioxidants. In general, cold brew matcha is more refreshing than hot-brewed and it retains the natural sweetness of the leaves whereas hot-brewing can bring out a more bitter flavor. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference as both preparations result in a delicious beverage with many health benefits. So you’re able to drink matcha as you wish!

Where to find the best matcha powder

In Shade Matcha we source the finest organic matcha, with no added sugars or preservatives. Each batch of our handmade cold brew matcha contains extremely high levels of antioxidants and all-natural ingredients, making it a great alternative to coffee drinks. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced matcha enthusiast, Shade Matcha’s high-quality powder is perfect for your needs.

April 21, 2023 — Paige Rife