Ceremonial-Grade Organic Matcha Tea Powder

40g of premium matcha ∙ about one month supply

Replace your old caffeine habit with Matcha, and experience the benefits of having a daily ritual.

Ceremonial-Grade Organic Matcha Tea Powder

40g of premium matcha ∙ about one month supply

Replace your old caffeine habit with Matcha, and experience the benefits of having a daily ritual.

Enjoy the benefits of Shade matcha:
Energy boost that lasts without jitters or crash
Clarity and zen-like focus from L-Theanine
Strong immune support with 140 antioxidants
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Certified Organic
Certified Organic
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Make the switch
Feel the difference when you switch from coffee to matcha
Coffee & energy drinks

1.5 hours of increased energy levels and heightened productivity

Mid-day crash and headaces

Coffee spikes cortizol which causes you to feel stress and anxiety

Restless nights make it hard to sleep

Low antioxidants

Stains teeth and gives bad breath

Acidic pH hurts your gut health

Shade matcha green tea

6 hours of increased energy levels and heightened productivity

Lasting smooth energy throughout the day

Natural L-Theanine in matcha gives you calm focus without jitters and anxiety

Easy to sleep at night

Antioxidant powerhouse

Cleans teeth and promotes good breath

Naturally alkaline

Your daily ritual

Benefits of drinking matcha

Energy boost that lasts

Start your morning with matcha that gives you a healthy energy boost that lasts. Say goodbye to crashes, jitters, and anxiety from coffee. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to sleep well at night too even with a mid-day cup of matcha.

Clarity and zen-like focus

Matcha contains L-theanine which gives you a calm focus so you can get into a flow state and take on the day with intention.

Improved gut health

Naturally alkaline and contains polyphenols, which help to balance your gut bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Youthful, radiant skin

Matcha is bright green because it’s rich in chlorophyll which supports skin vibrance and clarity. This tea also has EGCG molecules which boosts metabolism, firms and brightens skin.

Anti-aging and detoxification

The chlorophyll in matcha green tea helps alkalize and detoxify the blood. In Japan they call matcha, “the elixir of immortality”.

Strong immune support

With 140 antioxidants, Shade’s organic ceremonial-grade matcha has the highest antioxidant rating of all major superfoods!

Shade is enjoyed by hundreds of matcha lovers.
Choose the best matcha
Not all matcha is created equal.
Discover the Shade difference.
Other matcha brands

All authentic matcha is grown in Japan

Over farming causes environmental damage and often uses chemical to kill pests and GMOs to alter the tea leaves.

Second or third harvest which causes tea leaves to dried out, brown, and lacking benefits.

Matcha not labeled ceremonial-grade might even be culinary grade, which is a low-grade matcha that is cheaper and meant to be used as an ingredient while baking and cooking.

Tastes grassy and bitter

Dried out powder clumps up when you try to blend it and feels gritty when you drink.

Other matcha brands store their product in blazing hot warehouses that get up to 110 degrees which burns and drys out matcha.

Shade matcha

Shade grown near Mt. Fuji, Japan

Family farm using sustainable practices without pesticides, herbacides, and is USDA certified organic.

Our matcha is first harvest meaning you only the youngest, vibrant green, most nutrient dense leaves are picked.

Premium ceremonial-grade matcha means it’s the highest tier of quality available.

Tastes sweet and floral

Soft powder means its fresh, easy to blend, and tastes smooth as you drink it

Shade matcha is stored in a temperature controlled warehouse under 68 degrees to maintain maximum freshness before you order.

How to make the perfect cup of Matcha
Get quality matcha from the fridge
Shade matcha is the highest-grade pure certified organic matcha.

We recommend storing matcha in the fridge to maintain maximum freshness.
Sift powder and whisk in a bowl
Sift 1 tsp of Shade matcha powder into a mug or bowl to remove any clumps.
Add hot water and whisk
Pour 2 oz of hot water (175 degrees, not boiling) onto the matcha powder and whisk until well mixed and frothy.

If you don’t have a traditional bamboo whisk you can use an electric frother which comes free when you subscribe.
Enjoy matcha hot or iced latte
Pour your liquid matcha into a cup with your preferred milk, hot or iced! If you like it sweet, try adding some honey!

We have also posted several creative matcha latte recipes on our blog.

“That was the first and most important thing I needed to learn about making good matcha: high-quality tea is essential”

Vouge Author
Hannah Kirshner, writer at Vogue Magazine

“Simply consuming a cup of matcha tea can give your skin a beautiful shine.”

Frequently asked questions

How much matcha should I drink per day to see the benefits?

We found you can enjoy benefits from drinking as little as 1 cup and as much as 2 cups of matcha (containing 1oz of matcha powder) per day. Most people start to experience the benefits within 1-2 weeks of consistent use.

When will I receive my order? And how can I track my order status?
If you place your order before 12pm CST on a weekday, your order will be fulfilled the same day. If you order over the weekend, your order will be fulfilled on Monday morning.

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Shade does not yet support international orders outside the US.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

We offer our subscription program to be fully customizable to your needs. If you need to skip a month or change the frequency, we're here to make your subscription perfectly fitted for you. Please reach out to our Support Team at hello@enjoyshade.com if you would like help editing your subscription.

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What is Shade Matcha's return, refund, and replacement policy?
We're confident that you'll be delighted with your Shade Matcha purchase which is backed by our Shade Satisfaction 30-Day Guarantee. If the products you received are defective, we will promptly replace the item or give you a store credit for its purchase price. This satisfaction guarantee policy is for purchases made through this site only. Requests for replacements or refunds via store credit must be made within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, requests regarding product defects or order errors will no longer be considered.

Please note that returns are not allowed for any perishable goods. Since our matcha is considered perishable, we can not accept returns for matcha. We will offer product exchanges matcha deemed defective* by Shade — these items must be returned within 30 days of purchase in the original, unopened, factory-sealed packaging. Once the package has been reviewed and accepted for replacement, we will send you a new pack of matcha.

Please patiently allow 14 days from the time of sending back your defective product to receive your replacement.

For the complete directions on how to request a refund or replacement, go to https://enjoyshade.com/policies/refund-policy.
How do I access my account?

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What kind of benefits should I expect from drinking Shade matcha?

Matcha provides support in five crucial areas of health: energy, focus, immunity, gut health, radiant skin, and healthy aging.

Many members report feeling sustained energy, having fewer cravings, and more balanced gut health over the course of the first month or so.

Other common benefits include healthy skin, promoting hair and nail growth, improved concentration, and support recovery after physical activity. For those with a nutritional deficiency or digestive issues, benefits may be perceived more quickly.

Where is Shade Matcha sourced from?

Our ceremonial-grade matcha is made from a 5th-generation family farm near Mt. Fuji, Japan, and is one of the cleanest and purest organic matcha green teas you can find. It contains only one ingredient: pure ceremonial matcha green tea. Our matcha is grown in the shade which enhances the tea leaves richness of chlorophyll and nutritional benefits. Shade is also certified organic and is grown with sustainable farming practices and is verified to have no heavy metals, toxic molds, radioactive isotopes, herbicides, and pesticides.

How much matcha comes in a pouch?
You'll get 40 grams of premium grade matcha powder in every pouch. Most people like to put about 1-2 grams of matcha in their latte, so expect to make about 20-30 cups of matcha.

Our pouch is designed with a resealable lip to maintain freshness and is recyclable. Unlike competitors who use tin cans, Shade matcha's packaging doesn't cause a big mess every time you you open it up. It's also easy to travel with!

Ceremonial-Grade Organic Matcha Tea Powder

40g of premium matcha ∙ about one month supply

Replace your old caffeine habit with Matcha, and experience the benefits of having a daily ritual.

Ceremonial-Grade Organic Matcha Tea Powder

40g of premium matcha ∙ about one month supply

Replace your old caffeine habit with Matcha, and experience the benefits of having a daily ritual.

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Randy Rife
Great Matcha!

This matcha is the best we’ve ever had. Highly recommended!

We love you so Matcha