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Matcha Green Tea.

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Ceremonial Grade
Certified Organic
Antioxidant powerhouse
Family farmed in Japan

What is Matcha Green Tea?
And why is it the better caffeine source?

Matcha is shade-grown Japanese green tea leaves that is stone-ground into a fine powder. Unlike other teas, with matcha, you are consuming the whole leaf providing you not only with caffeine but a tremendous amount of nutrition and health benefits. Matcha has 130 times the antioxidants that regular brewed green tea has!

Matcha delivers you a long-lasting energy and elevates focus without the jitters, anxiety, and crash coffee or other energy drinks leave you with.

Our matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse containing L-theanine for balance and focus, chlorophyll supporting skin clarity, EGCG to support your immune system, fight inflammation and brighten your skin.

After months of taste testing over 100 matcha powders, our single-origin green tea powder was chosen for its balanced and delicate flavor.

Elevate your daily routine with our organically farmed ceremonial grade matcha.

Shade Matcha Green Tea

6 hours of increased energy levels and heightened productivity

Lasting smooth energy thoughout the day

Natural L-Theanine in matcha gives you calm focus without jitters and anxiety

Easy to sleep later at night

Antioxidant powerhouse

Cleans teeth with no bad breath

Naturally alkaline

Coffee & Energy Drinks

1.5 hours of increased energy levels and heightened productivity

Mid-day crash and headaches

Coffee spikes cortisol which causes you to feel stress and anxiety

Restless nights make it hard to sleep

Low antioxidants

Stains teeth and gives bad breath

Acidic pH hurts your gut health

“Matcha is the new coffee.”
“It doesn’t give you the coffee jitters”
Make the switch
The benefits of drinking matcha daily
Women Doing Yoga Exercise
Lasting Energy
L-theanine helps deliver a calm and balanced energy slowly while reducing stress
A Woman Holding A Matcha Drink
Immunity booster
Green superfood full of antioxidants. Highest antioxidant rating of all major superfoods!
A Woman Drinking Tea While Reading A Book
Naturally alkaline and contains polyphenols, which help to balance your gut bacteria and reduce inflammation
Woman With Radiant Skin
Radiant skin
Chlorophyll supports skin vibrance and clarity, EGCG firms and brightens skin
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About Our Matcha
What makes Shade’s Premium Matcha better than the rest?
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Shade matcha is organically-farmed first flush ceremonial matcha. Our tea is shade-grown to boost nutrients in the leaves, increase chlorophyll, and achieve a lovely and balanced flavor profile. Our partner family farm who has been growing matcha in organic and pesticide free soil for over 400 years only use the youngest, most nutrient-dense leaves. Unlike a lot of retailers, we have direct trade with our family tea farm and have complete transparency of where our matcha tea is coming from and direct transparency of the quality and growing practices. A lot of the matcha on the market is non-organic, dull in color, bitter or grassy tasting meaning it not only is unenjoyable to drink, it also lacks the health benefits you receive from high-quality matcha. At Shade, we are committed to serving you only the highest quality product with maximum benefit and a deliciously smooth flavor.

You’ll enjoy the sweet flavor of our matcha. It’s never bitter or grassy in flavor.

To maintain maximum freshness, we store our supply under 65 degree which gives Shade’s matcha powder a rich, bright green color and sweet smell.

Certified Organic
Certified Organic
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
How to make the perfect cup of Matcha
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“That was the first and most important thing I needed to learn about making good matcha: high-quality tea is essential”

Vouge Author
Hannah Kirshner, writer at Vogue Magazine

“Simply consuming a cup of matcha tea can give your skin a beautiful shine.”